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Watch-List: Energy Management Solutions

Achieving energy efficiency in large organizations demands a structured implementation approach as various business units and application fields must be analyzed and connected for executing holistic energy efficiency strategies. We have looked at some companies that provide high-level solutions for energy management.


ABB Ability™ Energy Management System (EnMS) for industries is the best fit for customers who want to leverage spot price volatility, reduce their use of energy from traditional providers in favor of own sources, move towards all-electric and make data-driven decisions about environmental, operational, and cost / benefit trade-offs. Adopting an EnMS will reduce costs and energy consumption, facilitate continuous improvement and certification to ISO 50001.*


The decarbonization software products from IBM® Envizi™ are designed to support organizations on their sustainability and decarbonization journey. This suite of products facilitates the ongoing monitoring, analysis, management and reporting of energy and emissions across large and complex organizations.


METRON is one central digital solution for visualization, monitoring, optimization and AI-modeling of energy performance strategy and decarbonization roadmap providing: Data Acquisition Management, Energy Performance Monitoring, Energy Insights & Analytics, Advanced Energy Optimization, Carbon Impact Tracking, Energy Cost Management.


MRI eSight is a specialist energy management software solution that enables total visibility, control and understanding of your energy consumption, trends and anomalies to make data-driven decisions and drive down costs. Comprehensive and intuitive, MRI eSight records and analyses all energy data centrally regardless of the data’s source, system or format and can be accessed from anywhere across the globe in a variety of languages. This helps to validate invoices, bill tenants, comply with regulatory standards and manage sustainability.


SIMATIC Energy Manager is the energy management system for industry, certified in accordance with ISO 50001. It helps industry clients visualize energy flows and consumption values in processes in detail and assign them to the relevant consumers or cost centers. It allows evaluation of implemented efficiency measures, optimization of energy procurement, and comparison of energy efficiency across plants and locations.


With data-driven energy intelligence, Spacewell Energy helps ESCOs, utilities, OEMs, energy consultants & green corporations optimize their energy transition and reach their sustainability goals.


WAGO offers versatile solutions with a strong focus on energy data acquisitions and management according to the ISO 50001.


Wattics enterprise cloud energy management platform focuses on great user experience for growing teams of energy consultants, analysts and owners to manage bulks of metered data, spot business energy inefficiencies, increase sustainability and reduce CO2 emissions. The white-labeled energy analytics allows collecting utility/IoTs/sub-meter data, forecast savings, benchmark portfolios of buildings KPIs, measure and verify efficiency projects, analyze tariffs & create sustainability reports at scale.

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