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For Industry Partners

Get access to the best decarbonization and energy transition solutions to achieve your operational goals with InCarbZero.

InCarbZero runs with potential Industry Partners worldwide.

We constantly seek global industry leaders and industrial clusters to grow the community of forefront leaders that desires to steer a carbon neutral world through innovation.

Access to the world's leading emerging innovation

Foundry and its innovation partners source leading and emerging innovation from around the world to provide you with the best possible solution for your challenges.

Knowledge sharing

Participating industry partners have the option to benefit from the shared knowledge of trialed innovations, successful use cases, and learnings from other cases within the community.

Strategic support

InCarbZero is curated to support your sustainability strategy, selection of innovation, trials, validation of innovation, and procurement decision making with experts using an evidence-based process.

Save money and time

With our services and resources, we facilitate the smoothest, fastest, and easiest way to source, test, and validate solutions with impact.

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