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Truck transport


Technology Description

Hydrogen can be transported to consumers with relatively small demands in multi-element gas container trailers, such as steel high-pressure tubes and in lighter composite pressure vessels (types II and III). Trucks that haul gaseous hydrogen in steel tubes compress it to pressures of around 180-250 bar, carrying approximately 380 kg onboard and limited by the weight of the tubes. However, recently light-weight composite storage vessels are increasingly used, with capacities of 560-900 kg of hydrogen per trailer (350-500 bar), increasing considerably the hauling efficiency per trip. In addition, larger volumes of hydrogen can also be transported in cryogenic vessel trailers, which can carry around 1 500-3 000 kg of hydrogen per trip. Liquid hydrogen trailers are thermo-insulated to minimise hydrogen boil-off rate.

Relevance for Net Zero

At small scales and relatively short distances, the cheapest way to transport hydrogen is by truck.

Key Countries


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