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Sorption process storage


Technology Description

Sorption processes can be used to absorb and release heat through adsorption (physical bonding) and absorption (uptake/dissolution of a material). In adsorption, the reactants (e.g. zeolite and water) are separated during charging and the heat of reaction is released after recombination. The sorption principle can be applied for thermal energy storage as well as for chemical heat pumps. Whereas sorption heat pumps are commercially available, sorption-based thermal energy storage with discharging cycles of more than 1 hour are still in research and development. Sorption storage systems are at a TRL 5-7, with the exception of sorption heat pumps which have been fully commercialised (TRL 9).

Relevance for Net Zero

A higher integration of variable renewable energy will call for a flexible integration of power and heating systems, and thermal energy storage offer means to also decarobinize the heating demand, including higher-temperature heating demands.

Key Countries

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