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Manganese-rich cathode battery


Technology Description

Manganese-rich cathodes for Li-ion typically substitute significant amounts of expensive critical minerals such as nickel and cobalt with low-cost manganese. These cathodes have significant advantages for reducing commodity price exposure and reducing critical mineral demand. Two significant manganese-rich chemistries include lithium nickel manganese oxide (LNMO) and lithium-manganese-rich nickel manganese cobalt oxide (LMR-NMC). LNMO contains no cobalt and has a notably higher energy density than LFP (though lower than high-nickel chemistries). LMR-NMC actually has a higher energy density than many high-nickel chemistries due to being lithium-rich (increasing lithium exposure) but it contains significantly less nickel than the top performance high-nickel chemistries.

Relevance for Net Zero

Manganese-rich chemistries are critical to reduce nickel/cobalt demand while still achieving higher energy densities.

Key Countries

Europe and North America

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