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Integration of heat exchangers to vary energy consumption and production levels


Technology Description

This technology uses heat exchangers to control the heat loss of aluminium smelting pots and vary production levels, thus enabling increased or decreased electricity consumption by 25% for up to several hours at a given time, without adverse impacts on the production process. Thus, the smelter could increase power consumption at times when demand and prices are low, effectively 'storing' electricity in molten aluminium so that electricity consumption can be reduced at times of high demand and prices. This would help with managing the power grid's demand and supply fluctuations, particularly as increasing amounts of variable renewable energy are added to the grid.

Relevance for Net Zero

The technology can power demand response services to the grid, assisting with renewable energy integration. This could help reduce costs and improve reliability for the power system. However, it does not directly result in emissions reduction.

Key Countries


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