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Hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle


Technology Description

A hydrogen fuel cell system generates electric power to run an electric motor, providing tractive energy. This technology represents an alternative to diesel for trains running on non-electrified tracks.

Relevance for Net Zero

This technology would be a solution for rail transport in the case of cost-effective, abundant production of low-carbon hydrogen (from electrolysis from low-carbon electricity) in the future.
This technology has a market limited to trains running on partially or not-electrified tracks, with a decreasing share over time. Today non-electrified rail lines make up, for example, almost all interregional lines in North and South America, 67% of conventional rail lines in Africa, 15% of conventional rail lines in India, and 38% of Europe's conventional rail lines.

Key Countries

Germany, Japan, Korea, Italy, France, Spain, China, Canada, United States

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