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Hybrid hydrogen fuel cell-gas turbine system


Technology Description

In a solid oxide fuel (SOFC)-gas turbine (GT) system, the fuel (natural gas, syngas) is converted in an SOFC. The exhaust of the SOFC is still rich with fuel and unburned hydrogen, carbon oxides (CO/CO2) and water vapor and can be burned directly with oxygen or air in the GT in order to produce more power (electric output). In the case of oxy-combustion (use of O2 instead of air) one obtains a relatively pure CO2 stream for storage or use after condensation of the water in the exhaust gas of the GT. Alternatives for removing the CO2 are possible, e.g. removing the CO2 from the GT exhaust (only option in case of combustion of the remaining fuel with air), though possibly leading to lower CO2 capture rates.

Relevance for Net Zero

Clean flexible generation option for supporting the integration of variable renewable energy. This technology benefits from higher efficiency and the option of CO2 capture, but is also a more complex technology.

Key Countries


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