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Concrete recycling


Technology Description

Multiple processes have been developed for the recycling of concrete. Concrete fine recycling produces crushed concrete fines (grain size of 0 - 4 mm), which account for about 40% of recycled concrete. Calcium oxide (CaO) can be recovered from these fines and used in cement kilns to replace a portion of limestone (CaCO3) inputs, which reduces process emissions (by an estimated factor of three). It could also be used as a filler in blended cements. Meanwhile, crushing concrete into its constituent parts yields old cement powder which can be used first as a replacement for lime flux in steelmaking, and then as zero-emission clinker in cement making.

Relevance for Net Zero

This technology could reduce process emissions from cement production. However, it would likely only be able to replace a relatively small portion of limestone used in cement production (given the long life of concrete infrastructure).

Key Countries

France, Netherlands, United Kingdom

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