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Ammonia tanker


Technology Description

Ammonia is shipped in fully refrigerated, non-pressurised vessels, often designed to carry liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), as it has a lower boiling point [-42 °C] compared to ammonia [-33 °C]. LPG carriers can be used provided there are no parts containing copper or zinc or their alloys in contact with the cargo. While currently ammonia shipments are around 20 million tonnes per annum (Mtpa), and it is a mature technology, research is looking at the use of ammonia as fuel by carrying ships, particularly with separate cargo tanks so that they can carry LPG and ammonia at the same time, adjusting flexibly to demand patterns.

Relevance for Net Zero

Hydrogen may be traded as ammonia, as there is already a market for ammonia and it is easier to transport than liquefied hydrogen. Ammonia tankers will be needed, particularly at import and export ports, to enable this trade.

Key Countries

Korea, Japan, China

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