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Ammonia storage


Technology Description

Ammonia has been stored as a liquid since ammonia production on an industrial scale began about 100 years ago. Ammonia was initially stored in pressurised systems, typically of around 2 000 tonnes. Today, atmospheric ammonia storage tanks are used to store up to 50 000 tonnes. Low-pressure ammonia storage has been widely accepted, as it requires much less capital per unit of volume. There are different types of atmospheric tanks for ammonia operating at -33 °C, but the current practice recommends using double-wall double integrity tanks, which can have insulation in the annular space or on the outer tank. As ammonia may be used as a fuel, new ammonia storage units may function as fuel bunker.

Relevance for Net Zero

Ammonia storage will be needed at trade ports and for bunkering purposes if ammonia is used as a fuel in the shipping sector

Key Countries

Japan, Norway

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