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Ultra-fast charging (>1 MW)


Technology Description

Multiple charging standards are currently being developed for charging medium- and heavy-duty vehicles at power rates of greater than 1 MW. Technical specifications for ultra-fast charging are under development. In China, co-developers China Electricity Council and CHAdeMO's 'ultra ChaoJi' are developing a charging standard for heavy-duty electric vehicles for up to several megawatts. In Europe and the United States, specifications for the CharIN Megawatt Charging System (MCS), with a potential maximum power of 4.5 MW, are under development by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and other organisations. The final MCS specifications, which will be needed for commercial roll-out of medium- and heavy-duty electric vehicles, are expected for 2024.
Ensuring maximum possible convergence of charging standards and interoperability for heavy-duty EVs will be needed to avoid the cost, inefficiency, and challenges for vehicle importers and international operators that would be created by manufacturers following divergent paths.

Relevance for Net Zero

Key Countries

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