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Pre-combustion: physical absorption (coal with CCUS)


Technology Description

In an integrated gasification combined-cycle coal power plant, coal is gasified into a synthesis gas, consisting of hydrogen and carbon monoxide. The synthesis gas is shifted in a water-gas-shift (WGS) reaction to produce additional hydrogen and convert the carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide is then captured from the shifted syngas using physical separation processes, such as adsorption, and afterwards, the remaining hydrogen (H2) is combusted in a combined-cycle gas turbine that generates power.

Relevance for Net Zero

No integrated gasification combined-cycle coal power plant with CO2 capture is in commercial operation yet. While construction of an air-blown commercial-scale plant in the United States has been abandoned, test operation at an oxygen-blown commercial-scale demonstration plant started at the end of 2019 in Japan.

Key Countries

China, Japan, United States

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