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Post-combustion: chemical absorption (coal with CCUS)


Technology Description

At a coal-fired power plant with post-combustion capture using chemical absorption, the CO2 is separated from the combustion flue gas by using a chemical solvent (e.g. amine-based). The CO2 is released at elevated temperatures, the solvent regenerated and recycled back for further operation.

Relevance for Net Zero

Post-combustion capture can be a retrofit option for existing and relatively young coal-fired power plants. The technology has also operated successfully for tens of thousands of hours at commercial scale. While existing CO2 capture power plants are designed for 85-90% CO2 capture, much higher capture rates are feasible for a relatively modest increase in cost. Following demonstration at scale, higher capture rates are likely to be implemented as demands for stricter emissions reductions grow.

Key Countries

Canada, China, United States

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