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Zinc-manganese oxide battery


Technology Description

Zinc-Manganese Oxide Batteries (Zn-MnO2) use an alkaline electrolyte which is being developed as a cost-effective electrochemical storage technology for grid applications. This battery is mainly targeted for grid-scale energy storage because of its high theoretical energy density rivalling lithium-ion systems (~400 Wh/L), relatively safe aqueous electrolyte, established supply chain, and projected costs below USD 100/kWh at scale.
The use of water as an electrolyte in Zinc-Manganese batteries makes them significantly safer than other forms of electrochemical cells. These batteries do not catch fire like lithium-ion batteries and offer improved intrinsic safety over lithium-ion batteries. Zinc is cheaper than cobalt and lithium so manufacturing and using this battery can also reduce the cost of energy storage.

Relevance for Net Zero

Zinc-Manganese Oxide Batteries (Zn-MnO2) are made by printing multiple layers of conductive materials, active materials, and electrolytes on a substrate, such as paper or plastic.

Key Countries

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