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Vehicles (exc. 2-3W) (charging)


Technology Description

The battery swapping concept was introduced as an alternative to electric vehicle (EV) charging stations with the idea to save refuelling time for EVs. A battery swapping station allows the user of an EV to exchange the vehicle's battery for a fully charged one. This technology is being studied for application to cars and vans, 2/3-wheelers and heavy-duty vehicles.

Relevance for Net Zero

With the electric vehicle (EV) charging time being a constraint for some consumers, an efficient battery swapping technology that could be implemented in a timeframe comparable to that of refuelling internal combustion engines could be attractive. Furthermore, battery swapping stations could act as energy storage and help unload the grid during peak consumption hours. Today, the market is more inclined to prioritise fast and ultra fast chargers due to the cost of swapping stations and their complexity. Furthermore, the technology is not ready to be commercialised at a large scale as stations are not compatible with all EV models.

Key Countries

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