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Smart charging


Technology Description

Smart charging refers to the co-ordinated and managed charging of the batteries in electric vehicles in a way that benefits the system, avoiding peak demand or congestion on the grid. While it does not require a very different infrastructure, innovation is needed to integrate IT and OT (Operational Technologies), including remote sensing, big data analytics, remote sensing and control. The simplest strategy for deployment, from a technology perspective, would be to develop back-end systems that would function without much involvement from consumers, and incorporate information on grid needs and services that can be provided by EV batteries, and allow for these services to be delivered to the grid by default contracts, rather than relying on opt-in from customers.

Relevance for Net Zero

With instantaneous loads above the rated capacity of the average household, integrating large numbers of electric vehicles (EVs) will eventually impose burdens on local distribution grids as well as upstream transmission and generation. Today, hotspots are already seen in specific areas with high penetration of high-capacity EVs.

Key Countries

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