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Rail-to-grid battery energy storage system


Technology Description

Development of an innovative Railway to Grid (R+G) management system by project E-LOBSTER (Electric Losses Balancing through integrated Storage and power Electronics towards increased synergy between Railways and electricity distribution networks) funded by the EU. Aims to provide a platform for real-time energy flow management between rail, grid and energy storage system as well as electric vehicles (EVs) and charging stations. The R+G management system operates by taking into account the mutual benefit of transport and distribution networks to reduce distribution losses and energy recovery through train regenerative braking. In addition to R+G, two other technologies are supporting E_LOBSTER: Smart Soft Open Point (sSOP) and Battery Energy Storage System (BESS). sSOP are power electronics placed at open points on energy distribution networks to provide power control. Distribution losses and regenerative breaking energy will then be transferred to the local station's PV roof power generation system, and can from there be delivered to the grid, providing services such as local EV management or other ancillary services (e.g. voltage regulation, or storage capacity required, or power for train traction).

Relevance for Net Zero

The development of an interconnected system between different applications such as electric vehicles, rail and grid is important for reaching net zero. As such, the technological aspects being studied by E-Lobster, such as efficiency improvement, train regenerative braking, energy recovery and distribution to grid and auxiliaries are highly relevant. If these innovations are scaled up, the impacts for reaching net zero could be significant.

Key Countries

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