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Infrared (low temperature heating)


Technology Description

Infrared radiation transmits heat through electromagnetic waves, heating objects directly, without the need to first heat the air in order to transmit heat to a product. It means higher heat transfer rates and faster time response, producing zero on-site emissions. Electric infrared radiation (IR) ovens offer an efficient and cost-effective alternative to convection ovens. In addition, they can provide fine control of IR wavelength in order to match specific requirements of an application. While already commercial for some applications, research and development could expand the range of applications, further improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Relevance for Net Zero

This technology can replace fuel-fired ovens, reducing on-site emissions. The use of renewable electricity can guarantee a CO2-free heating process. Thanks to reduced needs for maintenance and easy installation, the payback time is very competitive. Since infrared technologies are already commercial in some applications, they could provide good potential for further development for other applications.

Key Countries

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