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Floating offshore wind turbine


Technology Description

Compared with mainstream offshore fixed structure mounted turbines, floating offshore wind turbines have no foundation on the sea-floor, but are instead based on either floating (barge), semi-submersible, tension leg or spar platforms, kept in place by different mooring and anchoring systems. Floating offshore turbines offer the potential for lower seabed impact, simplified installation and decommissioning, and access to additional wind resource at water depths exceeding 50 to 60 metres. Floating platforms may also be attractive for mid-depth projects, where saturation of onshore or near-shore potential or the possibility of standardising floating platform designs do not necessarily need heavy-lift vessels to transport platforms or install turbine towers and nacelles. They may therefore ultimately permit greater upscaling of wind turbines than seabed fixed technology.

Relevance for Net Zero

It is important to develop floating offshore to reach more distant offshore resources.

Key Countries

Denmark, Germany, Greece, France, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States

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