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Conversion of steel offgases to chemicals (blast furnace)


Technology Description

This technology "recycles" waste gases from steel plants (e.g. blast furnace gas and coke oven gas) into chemicals, thus using the CO2 twice and delaying its release.

Relevance for Net Zero

This technology could help reduce emissions from a steel plant and has the benefit of using CO2 emissions twice, just potentially providing reductions in the lifecycle assessed (LCA) CO2 footprint of chemicals produced through these routes. The total savings depend on what input it is displacing, since the CO2 is emitted at the end of the chemical product's life. The net impact also depends on what the current use of steel off-gases is (e.g. flaring vs power generation) compared to their use as alternative feedstock in chemicals production. A further advantage is that this technology could help facilitate a wider penetration of variable renewable power generation by providing demand load flexibility to the system in chemical production plants.

Key Countries


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