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Cell-to-pack battery technology


Technology Description

Cell-to-pack (CTP) allows to go from a battery pack composed of multiple modules (each one containing several batteries, the thermal management system, cables for electrical connection, etc.) to a battery pack composed of a large single module, in which all the batteries are located. This configuration is an intermediate step between the classical battery pack configuration and the cell-to-chassis configuration, and leads to an increase in energy density (due to a smaller number of battery pack components and centralised battery management system, cooling, etc.). CATL presented its first cell-to-pack modules in 2022 and it was commercialised in 2023, mostly using LFP chemistries (given the reduced safety concerns associated with these chemistries, which simplify the cell-to-pack configuration). Other chemistries with a lower energy density, like Na-ion, will likely also profit from the CTP module. Applications of CTP to higher energy density chemistries (like NMC) are also possible.

Relevance for Net Zero

Key Countries

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