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Based on 100% electrolytic hydrogen (DRI)


Technology Description

The 100% electrolytic hydrogen DRI route involves direct reduction of iron ore - that is, reducing iron ore to iron without melting - using only electrolytic hydrogen gas rather than natural gas or coal. This can use high grade ore formed into direct reduction pellets, or variants which use technologies such as fluidised beds to use lower grade iron ore fines. (See also entries for Direct reduced iron - Improved ore refining methods and Direct reduced iron based on 100% electrolytic hydrogen)

Relevance for Net Zero

The use of hydrogen from renewable electricity in this process technology would enable a 98% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to a reference blast furnace. Competing options (e.g. smelting reduction with CCS) are at higher TRL and expected to be at lower cost; however they achieve lower emissions reduction.

Key Countries

Sweden, Germany, China, Australia

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