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Anaerobic digestion and biological methanation with hydrogen (biomethane)


Technology Description

Renewable hydrogen (from renewable-powered water electrolysis) is combined with raw biogas from anaerobic digestion to produce methane via biological conversion. Micro-organisms convert the CO2 in raw biogas and the H2 to biomethane via hydrogenotrophic methanogenesis, avoiding the need to vent or capture the CO2 in the biogas. The biological methanation can occur either within the anaerobic digester, or in a separation reactor. Biological methanation is more resilient to feed gas impurities.

Relevance for Net Zero

Though it’s a more effective use of biogenic carbon, alternative methods of biomethane production exist at higher TRL, and the demand for biomethane in the future is limited.

Key Countries

Germany, Austria, United States, Denmark

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